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Sattva Wisdom Center (SWC) is excited to offer you something that is quite unique. We have gathered together an amazing group of teachers, each with many years of experience and wisdom, who invite you to join SWC’s new on-line “university.” This is the spot where you can get your “PhD” in “Personal Higher Development.” We will also be offering many opportunities for connection and conversation. All SWC events will be provided through Zoom.

We have the new Wisdom Yoga Collective track to provide you with a variety of yoga classes each day that are suitable for all levels. Each class will provide an optional 15 minutes of discussion at the end. SWC will continue to offer its regular events on-line, including the Women’s Soulful Supper Club and our meditation series. We are also adding the “Wisdom Lounge,” where we can meet virtually for conversation and support.

Each week’s offerings will follow a consistent theme—this week we will explore the theme of “happiness.” The investment will be $10.00 per class and a portion of all of the proceeds we receive will be donated to the Palm Beach County Food Bank. The Wisdom Lounge is free of charge; but you must register to receive the Zoom link. Learn more about each class by clicking on it below.

You do not need a Zoom account to join, but if you are joining from a cell phone or I-pad, you will need to download the free Zoom app. Please register at least 30 minutes before each class.  For the best experience, you will want to join from a device that has a video camera and microphone so we can see and hear you (although you may choose to mute your video so that we can only hear you).

Learn more about each class by clicking on it below


5 Tibetan Rites—The Fountain of Youth with Anna Crane

Session #1

Monday 6/1/20 @ 9:30am

Anna Crane

Introduction to Classical Mat Pilates

Session #2

Monday 6/1/20 @ 11:00am

Pam Gilman

Wisdom Lounge—Connection and Conversation – Free of Charge

Session #3

Monday 6/1/20 @ 3:00pm

Take A Well-Deserved Break With Restorative Yoga

Session #4

Monday 6/1/20 @ 7:00pm

Juli Kagan

Immune Boost Yoga 

Session #5

Tuesday 6/2/20 @ 9:30am

Lisa Ponczek

Yin Yoga

Session #6

Tuesday 6/2/20 @ 11:00am

Heather Berg

Gentle Flow Yoga 

Session #7

Tuesday 6/2/20 @ 4:00pm

Ilonka O’Neil

Slow Flow Yoga

Session #8

Wednesday 6/3/20 @ 9:30am

Amy Appel

Yin Yoga and Sound Bath Experience

Session #9

Wednesday 6/3/20 @ 11:00am

Lisa Ponczek

Yoga Nidra

Session #10

Wednesday 6/3/20 @ 5:30pm

Heather Berg

 Full Soul Ahead

Session #11

Thursday 6/4/20 @ 9:30am

Ilonka O’Neil

Yin Yoga

Session #12

Thursday 6/4/20 @ 11:00am

Heather Berg

The Teacher’s Class With Ellen Patrick

Session #13

Thursday  6/4/20 @ 4:00pm

Ellen Patrick

Wisdom Meditation Series – Find Peace Within Through Mantra – Calm + Uplift

Session #14

Thursday 6/4/20 @ 7:00pm

Anna Crane

Wisdom Yoga Collective—The Wisdom of Alignment and Refinement—Get the Most From Your Yoga Poses!

Session #15

Friday 6/5/20 @ 9:30am

Juli Kagan

Hatha Yoga

Session #16

Friday 6/5/20 @ 11:00am

Heather Berg

Wisdom Lounge—Connection and Conversation – Free of Charge

Session #17

Friday 6/5/20 @ 3:00pm

Ritual and Grace—A Practice of Reflection

Session #18

Saturday 6/6/20 @ 9:30am

Ellen Patrick

Restorative Yoga

Session #19

Sunday 6/7/20 @ 9:30am

Juli Kagan

Flow Writer Self-Discovery Through Yoga And Writing 

Session #20

Sunday 6/7/20 @ 1:00pm

Ilonka O’Neil

Acupressure and Yoga Nidra—An Unbeatable Combination For Deep Relaxation and Healing!

Session #21

Sunday 6/7/20 @ 3:00pm

Heather Berg and Kim Marrone

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