Sattva Wisdom Center Meditation Series


•We invite you to join our team of experienced meditation guides, Heather Berg, Anna Crane, and Juli Kagan, for a 10-part series every Thursday evening beginning on May 14th.

•We have carefully selected the order of each technique in the series so you can progress in developing your skills in:





-compassion, and

-higher consciousness.

•We will discuss the science and benefits of meditation, why and when you may choose the specific meditation technique of the week, and real life examples of how meditation has been powerful and meaningful in the lives of our teachers and participants.

•There will also be some light physical movement and plenty of time for meditation and questions.

•This series is perfect for anyone—whether you are interested in starting a meditation practice or want to join with others in the uplifting experience of group meditation.

•Each evening session begins at 7:00 p.m. and concludes at 8:15 p.m. and will be a deeper dive into the meditation technique introduced in that week’s Tuesday morning regular meditation session at 8:15 a.m.

•Those who register for the entire series will receive a 20% discount for 10 weeks on the Sattva Wisdom Center’s Tuesday morning meditation classes.

•If you can’t make it to the whole series, you are welcome to register for individual classes in the series.

Register for the whole series ($80) or for individual classes ($10) below.

Learn more about each class by clicking on it below

A guided meditation journey
(Imagination + Joy)

Session #1

Thursday 5/14/20 @ 7:00pm

Juli Kagan

Simple and effective breathwork
(Balanced  + Centered)

Session #2

Thursday 5/21/20 @ 7:00pm

Heather Berg

Lean into the present with malas
(Concentration + Focus)

Session #3

Thursday 5/28/20 @ 7:00pm

Juli Kagan

Find peace within through mantra
(Calm + Uplift)

Session #4

Thursday 6/4/20 @ 7:00pm

Anna Crane

Candle Gazing for Deep Understanding
(Attention + Light)

Session #5

Thursday 6/11/20 @ 7:00pm

Juli Kagan

Purposeful Movement – you don’t have to sit to meditate
(Awareness + Clarity)

Session #6

Thursday 6/18/20 @ 7:00pm

Heather Berg

 Mindfulness-based stress reduction!
(Relax + Restore)

Session #7

Thursday 6/25/20 @ 7:00pm

Anna Crane

(Compassion + Forgiveness)

Session #8

Thursday 7/2/20 @ 7:00pm

Juli Kagan

Buddhist-Informed Meditation
(Exploring the Idea of Basic Goodness)

Session #9

Thursday 7/9/20 @ 7:00pm

Anna Crane

Yoga Nidra
(Intuition + Healing)

Session #10

Thursday 7/16/20 @ 7:00pm

Heather Berg

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