At Sattva Wisdom Center we teach “ancient tools for modern living.” Our amazing and expert teaching team brings the wisdom of the past to you, by blending the science and mysticism of the metaphysical arts, yogic principles, and meditation into fun, interactive and meaningful experiences, each with practical application right now.

The Start of the Sattva Wisdom Center

The Sattva Wisdom Center (SWC) slowly came into vision during the summer of 2018. However, to be able to tell the real story behind SWC, I have to wind back time to give it a structure and framework!

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Wisdom Story of the Week

Taking A Deep Dive When the Sattva Wisdom Center opened its doors in April, 2019, it quickly because a spot for connection, community and learning. The events of 2020 have brought exciting opportunities for SWC to expand its reach and become an online “university”...

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