Uncertainty and Choices

Some say we are given a choice before birth whether to incarnate into a particular lifetime. That we are shown the entire “picture” of that life so we can make our choice.

I like this thought, but often wonder how it reconciles with the knowledge that each of us is born with free will. If the future is not pre-determined, how can we see the whole picture in advance?

Is it possible that when we choose our parents and the circumstances of our birth, we do so knowing that the picture we see is not static or certain? Perhaps we make the choice as a leap of faith; the idea that the selected lifetime will be in our soul’s best interest, within the broad outlines of possibilities.

When faced with the deep uncertainties and challenges of our present time, it is understandable to feel confusion, even fear, and to question what you thought you knew for sure. As a generally risk-adverse person, I am trying hard to “lean into” this experience and look for wisdom as it  arises. 

Could our current worldwide circumstances be an opportunity to correct some of the injustices and evils that continue to harm our planet and its inhabitants? Could we have picked this time to show up as a chance to make a difference–in ourselves, in our familial relationships, in our communities, in the world? 

I am not advocating that you take any big earth-shaking actions. Simple shifts in perception may be enough. For me, right now it is about letting go of the need to control and being curious about how I can flow with a little faith and trust as things change almost every day. Reminding myself to be present for the good things and not to project too far into the future with concerns about things that may never happen. Looking for ways to participate in things I feel passionately about. 

The yogis often speak of “skillful action.” We each have a chance to use the skills and knowledge we have developed over the course of this chosen lifetime to take the actions that advance our soul’s purpose. 

The Sattva Wisdom Center’s goal is to be a resource for you on your journey. We provide connection and community and a variety of opportunities for you to gain new skills that will make you feel uplifted, grounded and empowered. Join us! We can’t wait to welcome you!

With love and light, 


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